pretty mary k (_honkybach) wrote in bkground_reqst,
pretty mary k

request me-backgground


1. where is this background being used, the URL of the site or journal? livejournal (_honkybach)
2. where is credit to us given, the URL of the site or info page? info page
3. what is your screen resolution (800x600 or 1024x768)? 1024 x 768
4. URL of any images you want in the background?
5. What do you want your background to look like, be descriptive!!
i want it to look the way it does now, (you can look at it,) except have these things different: i want my default icon and a link to my friends page/info page/& calendar up at the top where right now it just says my username. and i want the text boxes to be the same or similar and the color scheme to be the same, but i want the text boxes on the left side of the screen instead of in the center so that the image can go on the right.
any specific -fonts- whatever, i like what i have now, whatever works
any text under the pic - no
any designs : nah, if the maker wants to make a cool mouse or make the links go upside down when they're hovered over or crossed through or any of that crap, that'd be cool. but iw ant the layout to stay simple

thanks thanks thanks!
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