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request me - lj background

1. where is this background being used, the URL of the site or journal?
This is for a lj that I use for an rpg. And it would need to fit around the content of the journal. i might ask for another after this one for

2. where is credit to us given, the URL of the site or info page?
credit will be given when the background is in place in an lj entry, as well as on the infopage of the character for the rp, and my personal journal.

3. what is your screen resolution (800x600 or 1024x768)?
mine is 1024x768

4. URL of any images you want in the background? (**must use this one)

You do not have to use all of these. Like, two or thee, really. I'm just making sure you have the supplies. :) Just make sure that you do use the one I noted.

5. What do you want your background to look like, be descriptive!! colors, location of picture, any specific fonts, any text any designs, the more descriptive you are the better it will turn out!

Okay, like i mentioned, this is for an rpg. These photos are of Steve Burns, but I only use his image for a character I play. So, no mention of Steve or Blue's Clues, and I'd rather you avoid the color green. Blue is okay, though. In general, the colors don't matter so much, but I'd like everything to match well. Like, variations on one shade.

And the images should be on the top and the sides. If you put more on one side than the other, that's fine. I'll fix the layout of the site as needed. I don't need fancy lines or boxes to line things up with. Just a nice background image with enough space to fix the content of the journal.

No text at all, actually.

As far as design, what I need is a focus on feeling. It needs to suit my character. Sooooooo, the character is a 30-something optimist, although he suffers the pains of a few bad relationships. He's a medical laboratory technician, who plays guitar with his friends every now and then.... so he's a combination scientist and artist.

I hope that's enough info. If you have any questions at all, please let me know:

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