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Request me- background

1. where is this background being used, the URL of the site or journal? Http://
2. where is credit to us given, the URL of the site or info page?same as above
3. what is your screen resolution (800x600 or 1024x768)?1024x 768 (But if possible, it should work for both).
4. URL of any images you want in the background?, and (These are only suggestions. And if you use the 2nd one, just use the head, unless you can remove or cover up the watermark.) And you can pick whichever ones you like/ fit from these places...
Photobucket gallery (The password is sethfan)
Angelfire Gallery

5. What do you want your background to look like, be descriptive!! colors, location of picture, any specific fonts, any text any designs, the more descriptive you are the better it will turn out!: It has to fit around this. It should be a Seth Meyers collage/ blend. I didn't pick an entire list of specific pics because I didn't know how many you'd need or how many would fit. So just use whichever ones you like. The top should say “The Seth Meyers Fan Site” and the bottom should say in slightly smaller letters “You've just been zinged!”
Also: see the images in the side bar that say navigation and about (from the above link)? Can anyone make some about those size that fit the color scheme of the background and in the same font as the header and footer(or not, whatever's easy) that say: navigation, quote, disclaimer, affiliates, and contact (and layout credit, if the maker wants.)?

It's a pretty high traffic site, so you'll get a lot of referrals and such if you want.
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