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The Background Request

Making LJ beautiful one request at a time

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This site was created for all those in need of backgrounds, friends only banners (FO banners) etc. for whatever reason - LJ, GJ, Website, desktop whatever. However, before posting a request please read the rules

NOTE: we NO longer make layouts OR icons for icon requests please visit request_4_icons

before posting the request please:
1. join the community

2. choose a banner or button below, save it to your computer and upload it to your server

3. post the chosen button or banner on the INFO PAGE of your journal, or where ever you choose on your WEBSITE. Simply use the code in the text box below the image you want to use :)

Buttons and Banners are located here, you must use one of these in your user info or your request will not be filled!!

1. First decide what kind of request you have please look at these carefully. You can request a Background, Friends Only Banner, Welcome banner, Hiatus Banner, and banner really, Headers, etc. If you are requesting something other than one of these things please fill out the for for the closest graphic.

NOTE we no longer take layout requests. sorry.

Copy and paste the forms located on this page and fill them out. if you are unsure as to what something is, then just leave it blank and at the end where it says "description or other" be as detailed in your discription as possible!

2. So that I know you have read the rules, make your subject line say "Request Me - "TYPE OF GRAPHIC BEING REQUESTED HERE" . for example "request me - Background" for a background request

3. Fill out the appropriate form or forms, and post the form with the questions in them, we have a lot going on and seeing the number of the question with just an answer next to it, takes up our time as we will have to go back and figure out what the questions for that form were, so just make sure the questions are there too.

1. be patient, we will get it to you as fast as we can.

2. when it is ready we will post it in the community with a subject line of "pick ups", and then it will be located within that post under a cut.

3. copy it to your computer and upload it to your server. For a list of image servers see the end of this page.

4. after one week we will delete it from our server and if you have direct linked your images will not work, and we will not repost them for you. so do not direct link. If you give us the URL of an image, we assume that it is on your server and thus put it as the URL of your background, if you have hotlinked/direct linked from someone else and they change the image your image on your page will change too, WE ARE NOT responsible for this, and you will have to fill ouy a new request to get it fixed.

5. leave a comment and let us know that you got your images. and what you think of them. feedback positive and negative is important. if there is something about your request that you are not happy with or if there is a size problem or something like that please do not hesitate to let us know, just dont be rude about it please.

1. DO NOT cross post requests! it is rude. if we take the time to make you a request only to find out you got it filled somewhere else it has wasted our valuable time and/or the other communities where you crossposted it. ITS RUDE, DONT DO IT. if we see that you have your request will be denied and you will be banned.

2. DO NOT make requests and not pick them up, or make a request and once its filled decide you no longer want it. again this is RUDE and wastes our time. we do this as a favor. dont make us regret it.

3. DO NOT post in our personal journals about requests, questions, or help, again RUDE

4. ANYONE who does not put up credit will not get their request filled and it will be deleted, put up credit, request me in the subject line, pretty easy.

5. ANY UNCLAIMED REQUEST will be posted at other communities for free use, comment saying your picked them up, otherwise other people will have your requests. If we take the time to make something it will get used one way or another, be it by the requestie or by someone else. PICK UP your requests, comment and give feedback.

6.You must wait two weeks between requests for the same thing.

IE: we make a background and FO banner for you, you must wait two weeks to request either of those three things again for the same user. meaning that you can post requests for these as long as they are for other LJs that you may have or communities that you moderate etc. You can also posts requests for things other than backgrounds, and FO banners before the two weeks is up, so if you decide later you want a button or icon or whatever, you can post a request for those.

There are currently 2 of us running this site. Since there is just two of is it make take some time. Please be patient. We have lives outside of this community, but we will get to your requests. We work as fast as we can. Unless otherwise stated we will be taking requests.

Mod Icon Journal: buggosicons

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